Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Kuwait Investment Authority is planning a $5bn investment in infrastructure assets, mostly in the UK, strategically changing the way they invest. Bank equities, particularly in the West, have become less attractive for this sovereign wealth fund, so is this a blow for George Osborne’s quest to reprivatise Lloyds and RBS? Sharlene Goff is joined by Patrick Jenkins, banking editor and Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, private equity correspondent, to discuss this, the Co-operative group’s debt restructuring plans, and Barclays’ latest spat with the regulator.


The FT’s currencies correspondent Alice Ross talks to head of spot fx trading at BNP Paribas Bob de Groot about why the dollar bulls are out in force. Plus, will the arrival of Mark Carney as Bank of England governor encourage investors to short the pound, and what should we expect from the European Central Bank this week?


A ‘tall’ beige milk comes with unlimited table, chair and WiFi – but my back is killing me, says Lucy Kellaway


Visa problems and nervousness on the part of potential sponsors have made life hard for London’s festival of contemporary Arab culture. But as the Arab Spring gives way to harsher realities, such forums are needed more than ever, says the FT’s arts writer


We look at the changing face of buy-to-let lending. We also expose widespread confusion over the care fees cap – we look at what is and what is not included. And we look at the overseas companies on Britain’s stock market in the week that two Russian-backed mining firms are removed form the FTSE 100 index


FT Alphaville’s frankly frequent podcast continues with another look at Abenomics. This episode features Alphaville’s Cardiff Garcia and Izabella Kaminska alongside guest Noah Smith.


It’s been a nervous few days on Chinese stock markets in the wake of last week’s cash crunch, which saw interbank lending rates in China rise to as high as 28 per cent. The Chinese central bank has made reassuring statements, but some commentators have talked about China being on the brink of a new financial crisis. Stefan Wagstyl, emerging markets editor and editor of the FT beyondbrics blog, and Simon Rabinovitch, Shanghai correspondent, join Shawn Donnan to look at the state of the Chinese economy.


Lucy Kellaway says the position of chief operating officer signals a sad succumbing to the language of corporate America


As UK and Swiss lenders face new demands from central banks to prove their soundness, the banking team look at leverage ratios. They look at bankers’ pay as new research shows that bank chief executives have been paid less generously for the first time in three years. And Rachel Sanderson, Milan correspondent, joins the podcast to analyse Mediobanca’s radical plan to quit the shareholder pact that has kept it at the centre of the Italian corporate power network for more than half a century.


Will the US dollar continue to gain against other currencies after the US Federal Reserve said it plans to buy fewer bonds later this year? Plus, what’s in store for the floundering Australian and New Zealand dollars, and why is sterling holding up well in the current market turmoil? Alice Ross, currencies correspondent, talks to Marc Chandler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman.