Monthly Archives: January 2014

Patrick Jenkins, financial editor, is joined by Daniel Schäfer for news of the challenges facing Deutsche Bank in 2014, where weak fixed income trading and high litigation costs have brought about a substantial profit warning. Sharlene Goff outlines Ed Miliband’s aggressive plans to break up the big four UK retail banks, and Martin Arnold, the new banking editor, looks ahead to Davos where banking heavyweights will be hoping for a scandal-free 2014 and time to focus on growth


For privileged professionals at least, working life is better than it has ever been


Christian Bale’s hairpiece in the Oscar-nominated movie caper epitomises the preposterousness of the 1970s – but the decade’s unabashed lack of polish looks increasingly appealing in our technology-dependent age


With hedge funds seizing on dismal jobs data, Delphine Strauss, currencies correspondent, asks Geoff Yu, currency strategist at UBS, whether the Aussie’s slide is set to continue. Also, how will the theme of deflation play out in currency markets – and is Turkey now in real trouble?


By an unfortunate coincidence, President François Hollande’s efforts to relaunch his presidency with an announcement of bold economic reforms have coincided with the revelation that he appears to be having an affair with an actress. Meanwhile, the economy continues to struggle, and the government is engaged in an effort to block performances by the controversial comic Dieudonné. Gideon Rachman is joined by Hugh Carnegy, Paris Bureau chief, and Ben Hall, world news editor, to discuss whether France is in crisis, or whether it’s business as usual


Jonathan Eley talks to Andy Creak of rPlan about what the latest changes to platform pricing mean for investors, Jo Cumbo discusses why the pension system fails those with modest savings, and Elaine Moore asks if going bankrupt should be easier than it is now, or harder


Patrick Jenkins is joined by Sam Fleming for news that banks have won concessions on Basel III debt rules. Sharlene Goff makes sense of the departures at Stan Chart as share prices falter, and Daniel Schäfer looks at the US banks suffering reduced profits as fines hit the results of JPMorgan and BoA.


Women may be more resilient, as we don’t take minor slights as a heinous attack on our egos


Businesses like buying contemporary art to show off their forward-thinking and investment savvy. Fair enough – but it still sits oddly with artists’ desire to provoke and subvert


With dollar bulls relishing the start of Federal Reserve tapering, Delphine Strauss, currencies correspondent, asks Michael Sneyd, foreign currency strategist at BNP Paribas, what could throw their predictions off course. Also: what will the year ahead bring for the euro, and is the Canadian dollar set on a downward trend?