Monthly Archives: January 2015

As two recent biopics come under fire from those depicted, the FT’s arts editor ponders what compels movie-makers to embellish ‘true stories’


Saudi Arabia’s new monarch King Salman takes over at a time of unprecedented challenges in the shape of regional chaos as well as a sharply falling oil price. Gideon Rachman is joined by Roula Khalaf and Simeon Kerr to discuss how stable the kingdom is.


How do women build a career when they have pre-school children and their partners are in full time work? For well paid professionals a nanny is often the answer, but those on lower incomes often rely on relatives for affordable and flexible childcare. One relatively new solution, dubbed extreme childcare, is to find after hours and even overnight nurseries which allow parents to meet the growing need to work long hours and shifts. Emma Jacobs visits one of the few nurseries in the UK to offer such care.


Neil Dennis talks to Jane Foley, senior currency strategist at Rabobank about the Fed’s apparent unconcern over the dollar’s rise, whether the Australian dollar is overvalued, and why the euro appears unruffled by the ECB decision on QE and a new hard-left government in Greece.


Goodluck Jonathan is facing a challenge from former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari in next month’s presidential election in Nigeria, which comes at a time when the outlook for the country is bleak. The economy has been hit by the falling oil price and the Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast is becoming a serious security threat. Fiona Symon discusses the rival candidates with William Wallis.


Are prisons serving as recruitment centres for radical Islamists? Tom Burgis reports from Paris.


Jonathan Eley and guests discuss compensation for those mis-sold credit card insurance, measures to help pension savers make the right financial decisions, and the new property portal


Google is doubling the number of US cities that will receive its super fast broadband service and is calling for better co-operation from local authorities to help improve internet speeds in their areas. Ravi Mattu talks to Hannah Kuchler about why Google is so keen to spread its superfast network.


Patrick Jenkins is joined by Martin Arnold, Emma Dunkley, Robbin Wigglewsorth and James Chappell, banks analyst ar Berenberg, to discuss QE and whether it will be transmitted into the European economy as policymakers hope, a reflection on Davos and whether the latest peer to peer lending innovations are good news for the market and consumers.


A black eye is not the best start for a non-exec director interview, says Lucy Kellaway