Monthly Archives: March 2015

This week’s show looks at taking cash out of your pension fund and whether fund managers are looking after your money. Jonathan Eley also talks to James Pickford about the outlook for holiday property.


Martin Arnold discusses the Bank of England’s new stress tests scenario, whether the universal banking model is dead, and investment banks’ strong first quarter results, with Laura Noonan, Caroline Binham, Oliver Ralph and Rob Smith, banking risk director at KPMG.


Politicians won’t start telling the truth during election campaigns until the public and media stop punishing them for doing so, says Janan Ganesh.


General Muhammadu Buhari looks set to win Nigeria’s presidential election and unseat the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan after a closely fought contest. Fiona Symon talks to William Wallis about the significance of what would be the country’s first democratic transferrence of power.


Github, the online forum for software developers, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe originated in China. FT technology editor Ravi Mattu discusses the attack with Hannah Kuchler, the FT’s correspondent in San Francisco and Charles Clover, the FT’s correspondent in Beijing.


Michael Stott is joined by Robert Shrimsley and Tim Bale to discuss the state of the parties at the beginning of the campaign, how effective their opening strategies are, and why there appears so little movement in the polls.


If you’re tempted to take policy too seriously in the coming weeks, remember to focus on personality – the superficial thing that runs really deep, says Janan Ganesh


Glasgow has long been a heartland of Labour support. The last time the party lost a seat in Scotland’s biggest city at a general election was in 1983. Recently, however, support for the Scottish National Party has surged. Kiran Stacey travels to Glasgow to find out why the country has fallen out of love with Labour.


Is healthcare about to feel the full force of tech disruption? Google is partnering with Johnson & Johnson on surgical robotics. FT tech editor Ravi Mattu asks pharmaceutical correspondent Andrew Ward whether pharma companies would see Silicon Valley as friend or foe


Ludovic Hunter-Tilney uncovers the back story of Vanilla Ice’s hit Ice Ice Baby.
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