Monthly Archives: April 2015

A week before the UK poll, Sam Hill of RBC Capital Markets and Tina Fordham from Citigroup talk to Roger Blitz about how the market views a hung parliament, Brexit, Scottish nationalism and the relative health of the UK economy


Siona Jenkins, Gideon Rachman and Lindsay Whipp discuss the Japanese prime minister’s visit to Washington as the US seeks to cement defence and trade ties with Japan, a key ally in its bid to push back against growing Chinese influence in Asia.


The tone of the campaign, with parties conjuring tax cuts and new rounds of spending as if the deficit were already taken care of, raises doubts about Britain’s determination to get its fiscal house in order.


The collapse in oil prices is pushing plastic recyclers towards the brink of bankruptcy, with potentially disastrous consequences for the environment, Pilita Clark, FT environment correspondent, tells Andrew Parker.


Sarah Gordon is joined by Sarah Neville and Helen Warrell who give their verdicts on the parties’ pledges on funding the National Health Service and curbing immigration.


When celebrities and politicians mix, both can end up diminished. To go ahead with a celebrity chinwag in a Shoreditch loft apartment suggests that the Labour campaign either has a lot of confidence or very little judgement.


Many Iranians believe a comprehensive nuclear deal will bring a lifting of sanctions and the return of foreign investors, in particular Americans, who have been absent from Iran for over thirty years. Najmeh Bozorgmehr, reports from Tehran on their hopes for a deal.


It is remarkable how many of the super-successful have stuck by their first spouse, says Lucy Kellaway.


This week’s show looks at the latest events at Alliance Trust and the threats facing final salary pension schemes. Jonathan Eley also interviews the FT’s James Mackintosh about the investment trend to ‘Sell in May’.


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss “golden parachutes” as Citigroup comes under attack from investors, Deutsche Bank’s strategy plan and results and HSBC’s announcement that it is considering moving its domicile away from the UK.