Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

It seems odd that an international bank for building roads and airports in Asia should become a yardstick for the rise of China as a global power and of the relative decline of the US. But that is what Beijing appears to achieved with its Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. Some of Washington’s closest allies have signed up even though it had lobbied furiously to dissuade them from doing so. Ben Hall discusses the development with Alan Beattie and Ed Luce.


The death of a prominent Istanbul prosecutor after he was held hostage by two leftist extremists has raised tensions ahead of Turkey’s election in June. Fiona Symon talks to Istanbul correspondent Dan Dombey about the incident and how the government has reacted.


The chances are that today’s letter from 100 business leaders arguing against the Labour party’s economic policies won’t help the Tories that much because it surprised no-one. The only way to shift public opinion is when parties do the opposite of what voters expect of them, says Janan Ganesh


How people arrive at and leave an office building provides rewarding insights for companies, says Lucy Kellaway.