Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

Cynthia O’Murchu explains how the arrest of Yves Bouvier casts a harsh light on how art is bought, stored and sold, raising questions over whether the market is vulnerable to manipulation


Kenyans are in mourning after Islamist militants shot their way into a university in the remote northeast, leaving 148 dead. It was the worst terrorist atrocity in the country for nearly two decades and appears to have been carried out by home-grown militants. Fiona Symon talks to Katrina Manson, FT correspondent in Nairobi, about who was behind the attack.


Sarah Neville is joined by Vanessa Houlder and Brooke Masters to discuss Labour’s campaign pledge to abolish non-domicile tax status. How radical is the proposal and would it be beneficial or harmful for the UK economy?


Ten days in, the UK election campaign has produced its first real policy argument over Labour’s pledge to abolish a tax loophole often used by rich foreigners.