Daily Archives: April 9, 2015

The rebels trying to topple Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad have made gains in the north and south of the country. But an unexpected attack by Isis, the jihadi group, inside the capital Damascus has reminded the world that this is a three-way conflict. Erika Solomon tells Fiona Symon about the latest developments.


Ben Hall is joined by Roula Khalaf and Najmeh Bozorgmehr to discuss the civil war in Yemen, and the growing hostility between Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are backing different sides in the conflict.


Ralph Atkins is joined by Peter Kinsella of Commerzbank to discusses the great dollar bull run, whether the Bank of Japan will ease monetary policy further, and the increasing trend by central banks around the world to surprise the markets.


Scottish Nationalists know that the quickest route to independence is to make the English exasperated with the union. Seen in this light, the debate over Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent is a means to an end.