Daily Archives: April 13, 2015

Michael Stott is joined by Robert Shrimsley and Tim Bale to discuss the Labour manifesto and Tory concerns that the party’s former treasurer Lord Ashcroft is “arming the enemy” amid signs that the polls may be beginning to shift in Labour’s favour.


The founder of France’s far right National Front party Jean-Marie Le Pen has bowed out of politics after a public row with his daughter and party leader Marine Le Pen over his remarks that he considered the Nazi gas chambers a mere “a detail of history”. Fiona Symon talks to Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, FT Paris bureau chief about the family feud.


Labour’s manifesto commitment to fiscal discipline will please hawks within the party and perhaps some outside, but as long as the two main parties are arguing about the economy, the Tories will be happier.


Would an inconclusive UK election next month result in market turmoil? Ralph Atkins, FT capital markets editor, looks at a recent warning from the world’s largest fund manager that markets may be underplaying UK political risk.