Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

Jonathan Eley and guests discuss what the period of zero inflation means for mortgage borrowers, how political parties are planning to raid pension tax relief, and what the electoral roll is used for beyond voting


Sarah Neville is joined by Emily Cadman and Sarah O’Connor, who give their verdicts on David Cameron’s pledges to extend the UK’s Right-to-Buy housing scheme and to exempt workers on the minimum wage from paying tax.


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss what JP Morgan’s first quarter results tell us to expect about further results across Wall Street, the shrinking of GE capital, the financial division of General Electric, and the first conviction for tax evasion resulting from HSBC’s Swiss private banking scandal.


The global economy is recovering, but how sustainable is the modest upturn?

Ferdinando Giugliano talks to Eswar Prasad, economist at Cornell University and senior fellow at Brookings, about the findings from the latest FT/Brookings Tiger Index report.


The senior and the self-important should jump through the same hoops as new graduates, says Lucy Kellaway


David Cameron’s latest Right-to-Buy policy does not assuage the concerns of swing voters who fear that a Conservative government given a second term in office would degrade the public services they rely on.