Daily Archives: April 17, 2015

From Billy Paul’s adulterous original in 1972 to Amy Winehouse’s gender-bending twist on the song 30 years later, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney gets to grips with ‘Me and Mrs Jones’. Credits:Philadelphia International, 143, Island


How is the Chinese premier facing up to the country’s economic slowdown?
What’s the big fiscal difference between the main parties in the British election? And can robots really cook like humans? Henry Mance considers these and other questions in his review of the best of the FT podcasts.


Abolish national insurance? Give the Bank of England the power to mandate a fiscal stimulus? Rein in CEO pay? In the week that the UK parties launched their election manifestos, Tim Harford talks to Ferdinando Giugliano about seven top economists’ plans for how they’d run the country.

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