Daily Archives: April 21, 2015

Jonathan Eley and guests discuss the plight of payday lenders subject to tighter regulation, lending in the first year after the mortgage market review, and whether enthusiasm for Neil Woodford’s small cap investment trust is justified


Turkey was shocked earlier this month when the Pope and the European parliament described the mass killing and deportation of Armenians from Turkey a hundred years ago as genocide. Daniel Dombey in Istanbul tells Fiona Symon why Turkey finds it so hard to confront this part of its history.


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss first quarter results as bumper numbers from the US banks set the tone for the rest of the world, Deutsche Bank’s upcoming strategic review and libor settlement, and Friday’s HSBC annual general meeting.


The Conservative party has consistently underestimated the power of its reputation as the party of the rich to repel voters. A rebranded party would have had this election won long ago.