Daily Archives: April 22, 2015

Martin Arnold and Patrick Jenkins examine whether HSBC’s new strategy can revitalise Europe’s biggest bank, a wounded giant under attack from regulators, politicians and investors and overstretched by trying to keep up with rivals


We don’t approve of promiscuity in relationships, so why do we admire it in employment? asks Lucy Kellaway.


EU leaders are scrambling to respond to the deaths of thousands of refugees who have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya towards a better life in Europe. Ben Hall is joined by Peter Spiegel and Borzou Daragahi to discuss Europe’s migrant crisis.


Ukip has been upstaged by the SNP in recent weeks, but the party could still be the decisive variable in this election. Polls show its share of the vote holding up at about 13 per cent – putting the Conservatives in mortal danger, but if a quarter of those votes dispersed, the outcome could be very different.