Daily Archives: April 28, 2015

This week’s show looks at the latest events at Alliance Trust and the threats facing final salary pension schemes. Jonathan Eley also interviews the FT’s James Mackintosh about the investment trend to ‘Sell in May’.


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss “golden parachutes” as Citigroup comes under attack from investors, Deutsche Bank’s strategy plan and results and HSBC’s announcement that it is considering moving its domicile away from the UK.


America’s biggest trade union federation is campaigning against “golden parachutes” in which bank executives pocket millions of dollars before taking jobs in government. Patrick Jenkins discusses the issue with Heather Slavkin Corzo, head of the federation’s investment office, and Caroline Binham.


Disappointing economic data may perversely help the Conservatives by making nervous voters question whether they can afford to base their vote on any subject other than the economy.


The list of technology companies based in Ireland is long and growing. But some European states complain Ireland’s enforcement of European data protection rules is lax. Ravi Mattu asks Duncan Robinson and Murad Ahmed whether a new supranational regulator would resolve such disputes.