Monthly Archives: July 2015

Claer Barrett and guests discuss some unusual investments that warrant investor caution, and the implications of a landmark ruling for those leaving a financial legacy to their families


Chinese equities have been in turmoil, suffering one of their worst days on record this week. FT Banking editor Martin Arnold asks Gabriel Wildau, the FT’s correspondent in Shanghai, how damaging this is for the country’s banking system.


Martin Arnold and guests discuss the recent stock market turmoil in China, whether this week’s results show that Credit Suisse may be closing the gap with its rival UBS, and how Lloyds and RBS are placed as the government prepares to sell off more shares in the two lenders.


Are hackers winning the battle for cyber security? FT West Coast editor Richard Waters speaks with San Francisco correspondent Hannah Kuchler and investigations correspondent Kara Scannell to discuss how banks, companies and governments are finding ways to marshal their defences. Find more reporting on the topic at Music: “Guttersnipe” by Jim Rooster.


The rousing spiritual from folk opera ‘Porgy and Bess’ has become one of the most recorded tunes of all time, says David Honigmann, with Miles Davis, Janis Joplin and Peter Gabriel among the artists who covered it. Credits: Columbia/Legacy, Mercury Records, Hallmark


On this episode of FT Alphachat, Shannon Bond and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson discuss the fallout for Gawker after a bad editorial decision; Lex’s Rob Armstrong guides listeners through the tech sector; and Kara Scannell and Matt Garrahan reflect on the Fifa scandals. Cardiff Garcia hosts.


Robert Shrimsley rounds up the best of the FT’s week in audio and video, including a look at corruption allegations in Brazil, what the removal of a financial regulator says about changing political priorities in Britain, dangerous spreadsheets and the mysterious disappearance of ugly people.

Plus, Michael Skapinker joins the show to explain why he thinks it no longer makes sense to own a car.


Alzheimer’s affects tens of millions of people around the world and the goal of an effective treatment has been so elusive that it is seen as a ‘black hole’ for drugs spending. But now Andrew Ward and David Crow find fresh hope of a breakthrough


Kamal Sharma, currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, tells Roger Blitz when he thinks the Fed and the Bank of England will move on rates, as data continues to drive the markets


Much of the hope for Africa’s progress in recent years has centred on Nigeria, with its emerging middle class and renaissance in business and the arts. Roula Khalaf asks William Wallis whether the country’s new president can keep those hopes alive.