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Neuroscientist David Eagleman argues that the brain is like a field of battle: subject to conflicting drives and impulses that we are only just beginning to understand. He talks to Sally Davies, FT Weekend’s digital editor, about the nature of consciousness, why human beings are hardwired for xenophobia, and how technology can extend our cognitive powers.

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Music: Another Cultural Landslide, ‘Everybody’s got a brain’


Michael Jackson’s first foray into rock helped dismantle barriers of genre — and race — in the early 1980s music business. Maria Crawford tells the story. Credits: Epic, Mercury Records.


In part two of a discussion, Angus Deaton explains his work on the poverty trap, the controversial debate over the effectiveness of foreign aid, the usefulness of ‘randomised control trials’, the best ways to help the poor in developing countries, and his informed optimism about the future.

Music: “Rollin at 5-210″ by Kevin MacLeod.


Angus Deaton, this year’s winner of the economics Nobel Prize, tells host Cardiff Garcia about his early influences and how he stumbled into economics. He then walks through the methodological work for which he won the Nobel.

Music: “Rollin at 5 – 210″ by Kevin MacLeod.


Henry Mance reviews the week’s events, including the landslide victory of Poland’s Law and Justice party, the unexpectedly strong poll performance of Argentina’s opposition, and the setback for Britain’s George Osborne over tax credits. He is joined by Arash Massoudi, the FT’s M&A correspondent, to discuss why mergers matter.


Alphachat went on the road this week to visit Angus Deaton at Princeton University. Host Cardiff Garcia previews a few excerpts from his conversation with the 2015 Nobel Prize in economics winner. Then, the rush of activity in the pharmaceutical sector, including a potential Pfizer and Allergan mega-deal, is discussed by pharma correspondent David Crow.


Earlier this week, US news editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson sat down with David Miliband, president and chief executive of the International Rescue Committee. In this excerpt, Mr Miliband discusses how Russia’s presence in Syria has intensified the crisis, how weak the international political response to the crisis has been, and how the conflict in Syria has dramatised the need for better humanitarian aid. Watch the rest of the interview at


Just how hawkish is Janet Yellen really feeling after this week’s US Federal Reserve meeting raised the prospect of a festive-season rate rise? Michael Hunter talks to Steven Saywell of BNP Paribas on what the Fed really means and what it means for other central banks.


UK chancellor George Osborne was rebuffed by the House of Lords this week over his policy to cut tax credits. The FT’s Lionel Barber and Janan Ganesh discuss the opposition and the constitutional dilemma created by the move.

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As its Halloween, this Money Show discusses pension changes that promise more trick than treat, the “hammer horror” of auction house commissions, and why even companies with the growth profile of zombies can provide juicy dividends.