Daily Archives: March 1, 2016

Deutsche Börse is seeking to merge with the London Stock Exchange, potentially creating an important bridge between the London and Frankfurt financial centres. But it is not the only prospective bidder. Patrick Jenkins, FT financial editor, discusses the development and its implications for investment banks with Lee McCormack, market infrastructure expert, and Laura Noonan, FT investment banking correspondent. Music by Kevin MacLeod


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the proposed merger between the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse and what that might mean for banks in the City of London, widening losses at Barclays, and last week’s RBS and Lloyds results.


Trick-playing Schwab CEO was spot on in one thing at least — inviting job candidates to a restaurant, says Lucy Kellaway.


Global market forces are coming into conflict with local populations as the commercial value of land increases. Tom Burgis, Michael Peel and Pilita Clark travelled to Ethiopia, Myanmar and Indonesia to look at some of the disputes that have arisen over the sale and ownership of land. They discuss their findings.

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Just as the US 2016 election race is heating up, Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and Libertarian candidate making his second bid for the White House, discusses his immigration, fiscal and monetary policy, as well as legalising marijuana. Then, hosts Cardiff Garcia and Shannon Bond take a deep dive into the world of campaign finance. Tracking the funding of the 2016 campaign, the Center for Responsive Politics looks at who can spend money on political campaigns, how much they can spend, and more about the dark money. FT reporters also provide despatches from the Democratic and Republican primary races. Go to FT.com/alphachat for show notes and links.