Daily Archives: March 7, 2016

Why is Gloria Steinem hopping mad? Mrs Moneypenny, beloved Financial Times columnist, misses the train to Cambridge with the US feminist, but manages to send an FT colleague instead. The result is a fabulous interview that ranges from Hillary Clinton’s chance of ascending to the US presidency to finding the right husband. With the help of young US students, Mrs Moneypenny and her editor dissect Ms Steinem’s words and end up talking about everything from online pornography and its link to the rape epidemic on college campuses to post-menopausal world leaders. Career tips – serious and not so serious – are also part of the deal.


Women activists played a prominent role in Iran’s recent parliamentary elections, campaigning on social media and urging women to come out and vote. Minou Khaleghi, one of 14 newly-elected women MPs, says her priority will be to push for for changes in the area of family law, maternity rights and employment rights for women. The FT’s Najmeh Bozorgmehr reports.