Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

Jacques Brel’s impassioned tribute to the sailors and drunks of the port of Amsterdam inspired covers by Mort Shuman and Scott Walker. David Cheal traces its journey from David Bowie’s stripped down version to Thierry Amiel’s performance, which triumphantly returned the song to its original French.


How do you go about negotiating a pay rise or a promotion at work? Maggie Neale teaches the art and science of negotiation at Stanford Business School. She talks to Emma Jacobs about the secrets of getting more of what you want.


Economist David Beckworth discusses his case for measuring the economy with nominal GDP targetting as well as a recent op-ed in which he blames the Federal Reserve for the severity of the 2008 recession. Then, FT equities correspondent Nicole Bullock breaks down the war between the IEX trading venue made popular in Michael Lewis’s Flashboys, and the incumbents, NYSE and Nasdaq. Plus, a look inside the corporate jet scene at top US companies, as well as long form reading and listening recommendations. Visit FT.com/alphachat for show notes and links.