Daily Archives: April 15, 2016

Prof Iris Bohnet explains to Sarah Gordon, the FT’s business editor, her research into “unconscious gender bias” in candidate selection and performance appraisals in business, and explains the famous experiment at the Boston Symphony Orchestra which now has 40 per cent female musicians after auditions were conducted behind screens.


China’s online services sector is red-hot as customers turn to their smartphones to order services such as taxis, massages and food deliveries. But with an estimated Rmb50BN being spent a year on subsidies as competitors race to win market share, some see parallels with Silicon Valley in 1999


Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” has been used in the campaigns of George HW Bush, Obama and, most recently, Bernie Sanders. Richard Clayton investigates the colonial overtones and contested legacy of America’s alternative national anthem.

Credit: Smithsonian Folkways Recording, Daptone Records, Delta, North Face and Jib Jab.


In an episode dedicated to investing and quantitative analysis, hosts Shannon Bond and Cardiff Garcia are joined by US markets editor Robin Wigglesworth to discuss quirky new alternative data that money managers use to make investment decisions. Robin also offers some insight into what first quarter earnings indicate for corporate performance in 2016. Then, the FT’s John Authers talks to Meb Faber of Cambria Investment Management about cloning the strategies of the world’s most famous and aggressive active investors, the subject of Faber’s recent book Invest with the House. Visit FT.com/alphachat for show notes and links. Music by Minden.


A breathless rally in emerging market FX begs the obvious question: will it last? Claire Dissaux of Millennium Global Investments tells Roger Blitz what will influence the rally and which parts of EM look more attractive than others.