Daily Archives: September 8, 2016

Before the June referendum, economists warned a UK vote to leave the EU would tip the economy into recession. But today, Britons are still spending and the markets are buoyant. So who is right? The gloomy economists or the upbeat markets? Barney Thompson puts the question to Chris Giles, the FT’s economics editor, and Roger Blitz, currencies correspondent.


China has a controversial history in Cambodia, where it was the main foreign supporter of the genocidal Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. These days China is pouring money into the country at an unprecedented rate but, as the FT’s James Kynge reports, not everyone is benefiting from the billion dollar investment deals.


While the European Central Bank tackles a sceptical market, the Bank of England takes credit for surprising UK economic data. But as Rabobank’s Jane Foley tells Roger Blitz, it’s the US that really calls the shots.


Using algorithms to monitor performance is associated with companies like Uber and the gig economy, but also harks back to the ‘scientific management’ of Frederick Winslow Taylor a century ago. More recent management theories suggest making workers responsible for their own performance is the best way to boost productivity. John Gapper discusses these conflicting trends with FT employment correspondent Sarah O’Connor.


In this week’s Money Show, presenter Claer Barrett and guests discuss whether it is time to bail out of London real estate, as well as the future for investing in bond proxies, and why UK economic data has surprised on the upside.