Daily Archives: September 15, 2016

Has Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway successfully tamed the Republican candidate? Will Hillary Clinton’s comments on Trump’s “deplorable” supporters help or hinder her campaign? And why is the candidates’ health taking centre stage this cycle? The FT’s Demetri Sevastopulo and Courtney Weaver discuss this and more with Neil Munshi. Sign up for the FT White House Countdown daily email at FT.com/NBE.

Clip courtesy of Zoco Productions, LLC.


Could the Federal Reserve learn something about how to communicate to the market from the Swiss National Bank? Peter Rosenstreich of Swissquote and FT Switzerland correspondent Ralph Atkins join Roger Blitz to discuss how currencies respond to policymakerspeak.


The approval of the Hinkley Point power station injects new energy into the UK’s nuclear sector. The FT’s Giles Wilkes and Alan Livsey explain what is at stake for French utility EDF. Visit FT.com for more on the story.


In this week’s FT Money show, presenter Naomi Rovnick and guests discuss the rise of the ‘do it for me’ economy, absolute return funds, and how to make the most of your workplace cycle to work scheme.