Daily Archives: September 29, 2016

Will apathy for Hillary Clinton among black voters in North Carolina help Donald Trump in the southern state? How are the Republican and Democratic ground games working in Florida to secure turnout on election day? The FT’s Courtney Weaver and Barney Jopson discuss this and more. Sign up for the FT’s White House Countdown email at FT.com/NBE


Colombians will vote on Sunday in a referendum on a peace accord that brings to an end a bloody civil war that lasted for over 50 years. John Paul Rathbone, FT Latin America editor, and Andres Schipani, Andes correspondent, tell Jonathan Wheatley why Colombians still have doubts about the accord.


Central bank monetary stimulus is propelling the prices of traditional income-producing investments ever higher, reducing their yields and sending income-hunters into riskier assets. How to assess whether what your money manager is selling you is safe. Plus: paying tax on our smartphones and where our donations to medical research really go.