Daily Archives: October 13, 2016

How will voters and the rest of the Republican party respond to the latest scandals to hit Donald Trump’s campaign? The FT’s Sam Fleming and Courtney Weaver discuss this and more. Sign up for the FT’s White House Countdown email newsletter at FT.com/NBE.


Malcolm Moore discusses the merits of the decision to award the prestigious literature prize to a singer songwriter, with FT journalists Ed Crooks and Robert Wright.
Music credit: All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan, Columbia Records


No one likes the pound right now as the market focuses heavily on UK politics, but Steven Saywell at BNP Paribas tells Roger Blitz that investors are leaning too heavily towards selling sterling and so a rebound is on the cards


In this week’s FT Money show, presenter Claer Barrett and guests discuss “the switcher’s charter” as they look at how to get the best deals on your mortgage, bills or bank account, how the chancellor can help first time buyers, and why millennials keep losing their pensions.