Monthly Archives: December 2016

David Honigmann follows Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway’ from its origins in a Welsh cottage to Wayne’s World’, the White House and bedrooms everywhere


Denis Koslowski former head of Tyco, tells Andrew Hill, FT management editor, how he reinvented himself in the wake of public disgrace and imprisonment.


Marcela Sapone, chief exec and co-founder of Hello Alfred, tells Andrew Hill, FT management editor, how she coped with the pressure of maintaining momentum after a successful launch.


‘It is over before either of us has really understood what is happening.’ David Szalay, whose novel ‘All That Man Is’ was shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker Prize, reads his short story, specially written for the FT.


Nigel Shadbolt, co-founder of the Open Data Institute, talks to John Thornhill about the imbalance between the personal and private control of data and the need to re-empower the consumer.


Former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland Stephen Hester tells Andrew Hill, FT management editor, how he found himself in the eye of the storm during the financial crisis.


Pascal Soriot, chief executive of the Anglo-Swedish drugs company AstraZeneca, tells Andrew Hill about his 2014 battle to head off a hostile takeover bid from Pfizer of the US.


With Gillian Tett, Martin Wolf, George Parker and Henry Mance. Presented by Sebastian Payne.


Prince wrote his song about partying in the face of nuclear threat during the cold war but it gets heavy rotation to this day


It was a familiar story: a small town, a big factory, overseas owners and job cuts, another tear in the social fabric of an English community. Except that in Kendal, on the edge of the Lake District, the ending has been rewritten. Andrew Bounds, the FT’s north of England correspondent, tells the story.