Daily Archives: December 9, 2016

Greg Lake died this week, and this track remains an enduring Christmas classic.

Credit: Syco Music, Universal, Decca, Symphonia


Matthew Garrahan, the FT’s Global Media Editor, looks at how the US presidential election has catapulted the conservative website from the fringes and how it now plans to tap into the wave of populism sweeping European politics


How should journalists respond to readers who comment on their articles? Should offensive comments be deleted? Sarah Gordon, the FT’s business editor, discusses the merits of engaging with readers with Andrew Hill, management editor, Lilah Raptopoulos, from the FT’s audience engagement team, and Sarah O’Connor, employment correspondent.


Journalist and television anchor Joe Weisenthal joins Cardiff Garcia to discuss the way social media has heralded a new era for language that resembles Homeric Greece more than the age of enlightenment.