Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

The Federal Reserve’s hawkish position, which is driving dollar strength, is not a response to Donald Trump and the prospects of fiscal stimulus, Mark Astley of Millennium Global Investments tells Roger Blitz, but a reappraisal of the strength of the US economy


Pankaj Mishra and Helen Lewis join us to discuss why everyone is so full of rage right now; Nigerian-American artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby on depicting her naked husband in her work; and what to look out for in the FT’s interview with South African comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah


Donald Trump created a diplomatic storm earlier this month by speaking on the telephone to Taiwan’s leader – the first such official communication since 1979. He then suggested he might ditch US adherence to the One China policy – a bedrock of ties between the two world powers. Does he really mean to change US policy and if so what will the consequences be for US-China ties? Ben Hall puts the question to the FT’s James Kynge and Demetri Sevastopulo.


Abe and Putin seek to end the 70-year-old territorial dispute over the Kuril archipelago


Deloitte’s Brazilian arm was fined a record $8m this month for falsifying reports and providing false testimony during an investigation into the audits of a low-cost airline. This case and others like it reflect growing scrutiny of auditing carried out by the Big Four accounting firms in different regions of the world, Brooke Masters, the FT’s companies editor, tells Matthew Vincent.


Following a year of political shocks, JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders and the FT’s Jonathan Guthrie discuss what may come next. We also discuss the disappearing £50 note.