Monthly Archives: December 2016

Izabella Kaminska and a panel of trading and markets experts analyse the film which launched thousands of trading careers and made frozen orange juice futures a household name, the 1983 classic Trading Places.

Music credit: “The Marriage of Figaro”, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Published by Musopen, 2012.


Daniel Dombey asks Gideon Rachman, the FT’s chief foreign affairs columnist, and Fred Studemann, features editor, how the big events of 2016 – Brexit, the US election, and Syria – will play out on the world stage in the coming year.


Simon Derrick of BNY Mellon looks back on a trumultuous year in the foreign exchange market, and gives Roger Blitz his predictions of the big market events for 2017


We try to make sense of the biggest cultural moments in a crazy year, from the brilliance of Beyoncé to the hideousness of hygge. Plus, the chefs behind the London restaurant Honey & Co talk about feasting, the secrets to Middle Eastern cooking, and their working life as a couple.


For the world’s largest and most influential companies, 2016 brought plenty of megadeals, controversies, crises and some big cross border investments. Matthew Vincent discusses the most notable of these with Brooke Masters, the FT’s companies editor.


As the first US ambassador to Silicon Valley, Zvika Krieger is trying to harness the tech capital’s brain power to solve some of the country’s biggest foreign policy challenges. He talks to the FT’s Hannah Kuchler.


Since the Tahrir Square popular revolt of 2011 control has only tightened over civil society and the social and economic problems have worsened, says FT deputy editor Roula Khalaf. But President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi believes he can save his country from catastrophe


A terror attack on a Christmas market in Berlin has shocked Germany and seems likely to add to pressure on Angela Merkel, the chancellor, over her decision to welcome so many refugees from the Middle East. The FT’s Guy Chazan reports from Berlin.


LLoyds Bank has struck a £1.9bn deal to buy credit card company MBNA from a subsidiary of Bank of America, in its first acquisition since a taxpayer-funded rescue more than seven years ago. Patrick Jenkins asks Martin Arnold, FT banking editor, what the deal means for the UK bank. Music by Kevin MacLeod


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Lloyds Bank’s first acquisition since it was rescued by the UK taxpayer over seven years ago, the Goldman Sachs-backed payments app Circle, and predictions for 2017, With special guest Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of Circle.