Daily Archives: March 8, 2017

Philip Hammond, UK chancellor, hit 2.5m Britons with a rise in national insurance contributions, as he announced a fiscally tight Budget in a bid to Brexit-proof the British economy. Vanessa Kortekaas asks Chris Giles, FT economics editor, Henry Mance, political correspondent, and Claer Barrett, personal finance editor, for their verdict.


With Martin Wolf of the FT, political commentator Miranda Green and Rupert Harrison of BlackRock, former chief of staff to George Osborne. Presented by Sebastian Payne and produced by Anna Dedhar


The reformist Argentine Francis is encountering opposition from those who claim his zeal threatens Catholic Church unity, says James Politi. He continues to enjoy high popularity but his critics are becoming bolder


Entrepreneur Tom Ilube talks about his work with scientists to deploy their research in the battle against cybercrime, tech advances and education in Africa and why companies need to take cyber security more seriously.