Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss new FT data on women in banking and why so few make it to the top, the sweeping tax probe facing Credit Suisse, and how regulation affects non-US banks in America. With special guest Sally Miller, chief executive of the Institute of International Bankers.


Women account for the majority of recruits into banking but still make up barely 25% of senior executives, according to data compiled by the FT. Patrick Jenkins asks the FT’s Laura Noonan what the data show about why women are still missing out on management in banking.


Raqqa in Syria looks set to be the next battleground as the US-led coalition seeks to crush Isis in the Middle East. The group is fighting to cling on in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Now Raqqa, its stronghold in Syria, is now almost entirely encircled by US-backed Kurdish forces. Fiona Symon asks Erika Solomon, the FT’s Middle East correspondent, if this will be the group’s last stand.