Daily Archives: June 13, 2017

The US giant replaces its veteran chief executive, Jeff Immelt, with insider John Flannery as the company faces plummeting share prices prices. The FT’s Andrew Parker dissects the development with Ed Crooks and Andrew Hill


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Santander’s acquisition of troubled rival Banco Popular, the broader implications of “resolving” troubled banks in Spain, Italy and beyond,and the foreign exchange trading scandal-will the latest suspects be extradited to the US


Can remarkable science be turned into mass-market products, asks David Crow. Cell therapies to treat blood cancers offer hope to patients who have exhausted all other possibilities and are likely to get regulatory approval this year. But they are expensive and production is time consuming, says David. The process needs to be streamlined and capacity matched to demand.


It is said that a company from Belarus has to be twice as good to be taken seriously, even one referred to as Google for videos. Maija Palmer, a Special Reports commissioning editor, visited Minsk to find out why.


Twenty years after they headlined Glastonbury, Radiohead return to the British music festival. FT pop writers Ludovic Hunter-Tilney and David Cheal discuss the band’s lullaby of despair ‘No Surprises’ from their 1997 album OK Computer.