To celebrate the FT’s Business Book of the Year Award, our star columnists recommend six classic business books and challenge listeners to read them in 12 weeks. In episode six, Helen Barrett, the FT’s Work and Careers editor, and FT columnists Andrew Hill and Emma Jacobs discuss ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ by Helen Gurley Brown


Al Shariat trained as a lawyer, but then took a job with the UNDP in Iran, working on microfinance and other projects. It was this experience that inspired him to change direction and set up a business providing ethically-sourced coconut products to western consumers.


With George Parker, Jim Pickard and Miranda Green from the Financial Times, plus Marcus Roberts from YouGov. Presented by Sebastian Payne.


Buddy Holly’s 1958 London performance of the song inspired the young Mick Jagger to form his own band.

Credits: Universal, Not Now Music


Cardiff Garcia sits down with Nicholas Wapshott, author of Keynes Hayek: The Clash that Defined Modern Economics, to
discuss which economist’s ideas are ascendant in the post-crisis cycle, and why both will matter during the Trump administration. Visit for show notes and links.


November awoke investors’ animal spirits, no more so than in the dollar rally, but Alan Wilde of Barings tells Roger Blitz that pitfalls lie in the way throughout December


Médecins Sans Frontières, which the Financial Times has chosen as its partner for this year’s Seasonal Appeal, is one of the few aid groups to continue working in war zones despite deadly attacks on its facilities. Erika Solomon discovers how the group’s commitment to impartiality helps staff stay on the front lines and in refugee camps in Yemen, Iraq and Syria


A fierce Russia-backed aerial assault on Syria’s rebels in Aleppo has helped regime forces capture more than a third of rebel-held districts. Now it appears the rebels are in secret talks with Russia to end the fighting in the city. John Murray-Brown talks to Erika Solomon, FT Middle East correspondent about what’s behind this latest development in the conflict


FT critics discuss our age of self-admiration and why it troubles us so much; ‘bad boy’ theatre director Ivo van Hove on how his punk origins still inspire his work; and what it’s like to have lunch with the radical performance artist Marina Abramovic.


Cuban dissident and independent journalist Miriam Leiva speaks with Cardiff Garcia about the death of Fidel Castro, the reaction of Cubans, and her hopes for the economic and diplomatic relationship between Cuba and the US.