One problem of getting older is that your self-knowledge goes up but so does your complacency, says Lucy Kellaway


Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss new trading capital rules and Spanish bank BBVA’s entry into the UK market, and Ben McLannahan interviews the head of the US investment banking arm of the Japanese lender MUFG about its expansion plans in the US.


The Brompton folding bike has grown into a global brand sold in 43 counties. During the recent downturn, it raised its prices by over 65 per cent without putting a dent in sales. Finance director Lorne Vary tells Jonathan Moules why having a bold pricing strategy makes sense.


A thriving black market in firearms has made Belgium a centre for jihadi operations, with would-be terrorists able to exploit the country’s fractured security services and geographical position as a transit country. Christian Oliver and Duncan Robinson report on how officials are scrambling to crack down on the illicit trade.


Peter Kinsella of Commerzbank tells Roger Blitz why the rally in emerging market currencies will be short-lived but why there won’t be a full-scale resumption in FX declines


The Rise of the Robots author Martin Ford stops by to discuss his pessimistic outlook on the future of automation after winning the FT-McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award this week. Then, San Francisco correspondent Hannah Kuchler breaks down how Facebook is turning to user data to power its artificial intelligence products. Finally, US retail sales are lagging in advance of the critical holiday shopping season, even as total consumer spending grows. FT correspondents Lindsay Whipp and Eric Platt offer some explanations.

Music: “Plain Loafer” by Kevin MacLeod.


Peter Aspden deconstructs the creation of Bob Dylan’s legendary song over the course of a single day in the studio. Credit: Columbia/Legacy


The rise of encryption technology poses an increasing challenge for counter-terrorism agencies fighting Isis. Ravi Mattu asks Sam Jones, FT defence and security editor, why intelligence chiefs are so worried.


The cost of large high-powered batteries is falling, offering the prospect that large scale storage could transform industry. Matthew Vincent asks Clive Cookson, FT science editor, and Andy Sharman, FT motor industry correspondent, how far off this is.


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