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The song that defined Fleetwood Mac’s high water mark went on to be covered by country-folk and hip-hop artists

Credits: Rhino/Warner Bros, Charly Digital, Universal Music International Ltda, S4DK


David Honigmann follows Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway’ from its origins in a Welsh cottage to Wayne’s World’, the White House and bedrooms everywhere


Prince wrote his song about partying in the face of nuclear threat during the cold war but it gets heavy rotation to this day


This 1853 Christmas Carol, set to the melody of a 13th-century Nordic Hymn, has since fallen into the hands of Joan Baez, Tom Jones and Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple.


Greg Lake died this week, and this track remains an enduring Christmas classic.

Credit: Syco Music, Universal, Decca, Symphonia


Buddy Holly’s 1958 London performance of the song inspired the young Mick Jagger to form his own band.

Credits: Universal, Not Now Music


It’s been the theme tune for the BBC’s review series ‘Film’ since 1971, but Nina Simone’s cover turned it into a civil rights anthem.

Credits: Universal, Eagle Records, Rhino Atlantic, Decca


Gene Wilder died Listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s cover, but it was Judy Garland who brought “Over the Rainbow” to fame.

Credits: Spectra Records, Warner Bros, Blackbird, Documents 2


Leonard Cohen’s most famous song nearly wasn’t released after being rejected by his record label. It is now among the most covered songs, with notable contributions from Jeff Buckley, John Cale and Rufus Wainwright.

Credits: Sony Music, UMOD, Syco Music, Columbia, Nonesuch


“Yesterday” came to Paul McCartney in a dream one night in 1963. It’s now among the most covered songs in history, with efforts from the likes of Elvis, Marianne Faithful and Marvin Gaye.

Credits: EMI, TNA Records, RCA Legacy, Universal Music