Mrs Moneypenny

Mrs Moneypenny and the FT’s Carola Hoyos ask how Brexit will affect the UK’s drinks industry. Will it halt Britons’ growing love for micro-distilled gin and who will pour the wine after the Europeans are gone?


Mrs Moneypenny discusses pay with fellow FT columnist and director of the High Pay Centre Stefan Stern and Natalie Jacquemin, a psychologist and partner at Mercer, the HR consultancy. Why are today’s CEO’s paid so much and how and when should you ask for a raise? Broaching the subject of a pay hike with your boss has clear upsides, but the risks are significant too.


The Financial Times’ Mrs Moneypenny takes her editor to the pre-show gala of the Chelsea Flower Show under the guise of teaching her how to build a strategic network. Along the way the two corner CEOs, a celebrity chef and smell not a single rose before going to see Prof Herminia Ibarra of Insead to discuss their progress and also to find out whether it is true that women have a more difficult time building strategic networks than men.


Mrs Moneypenny interviews handbag designer Anya Hindmarch, while Carola Hoyos goes to see Nick Ashley-Cooper, the 12th Earl of Shaftsbury in the quest to find out whether artisanship is still alive. With algorithms creating so many of our bespoke products today, are there still enough people creating things other than code?


Mrs Moneypenny corners CEOs, academics and even the man who inspired the character Toby Ziegler of the West Wing to find out whether going to Davos is really worth the expense and hassle.


Why is Gloria Steinem hopping mad? Mrs Moneypenny, beloved Financial Times columnist, misses the train to Cambridge with the US feminist, but manages to send an FT colleague instead. The result is a fabulous interview that ranges from Hillary Clinton’s chance of ascending to the US presidency to finding the right husband. With the help of young US students, Mrs Moneypenny and her editor dissect Ms Steinem’s words and end up talking about everything from online pornography and its link to the rape epidemic on college campuses to post-menopausal world leaders. Career tips – serious and not so serious – are also part of the deal.


Financial Times columnist Mrs Moneypenny and her editor interview the world’s most successful people. Venturing to their subjects’ natural habitats from Davos to Silicon Roundabout, the duo ask irreverent questions about serious topics and offer humorous career and management advice.