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Elections in Holland are shaping up to be among the most divisive in the country’s history. With 28 parties on the ballot, none are forecast to win more than 20 per cent of the vote. Now a diplomatic spat with Turkey is dominating the final days of the campaign, as the FT’s Duncan Robinson tells John Murray Brown. Clips courtesy of Reuters. Image credit: AFP


After a turbulent week, support for François Fillon, France’s Republican Party presidential candidate, is draining away. Harriet Agnew asks Michael Stothard, FT Paris correspondent, whether he can stage a recovery in time for the first round of the elections in April.


WikiLeaks has published documents that appear to show that the CIA has an arsenal of malware it can use to break into widely used electronic gadgets. Madhumita Murgia discusses what the revelations tell us about state surveillance and the security of our smartphones with Richard Waters, FT West Coast editor, and Sam Jones, defence and security editor. Music by David Sappa.


Philip Hammond, UK chancellor, hit 2.5m Britons with a rise in national insurance contributions, as he announced a fiscally tight Budget in a bid to Brexit-proof the British economy. Vanessa Kortekaas asks Chris Giles, FT economics editor, Henry Mance, political correspondent, and Claer Barrett, personal finance editor, for their verdict.


Standard Life’s acquisition of Aberdeen Asset Management will create one of the biggest asset managers in Europe. Patrick Jenkins, the FT’s financial editor, discusses what the deal means for investors and the sector with Miles Johnson, global investment editor, Oliver Ralph, insurance correspondent, and Arash Massoudi, M&A correspondent.


French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron has presented his long-awaited election manifesto, promising to cut payroll and corporation tax, and to promote investment in what he called the economy of the future. Michael Stothard discusses the proposals with the FT’s Paris bureau chief Anne-Sylvaine Chassany


Britain’s economy is doing better than many people expected after the vote to leave the European Union. Barney Thompson asks Chris Giles, the FT’s economics editor, which sectors are doing best and whether the momentum can be sustained.


Nick Ogden, the entrepreneur behind the online payment platform Worldpay has launched the UK’s first new clearing bank in 200 years. He tells the FT’s Patrick Jenkins and Emma Dunkley how Clear Bank came about. Music by Kevin MacLeod


Europeans are worried about a new mood of trade protectionism in the US. What are the implications for world trade and how will Europe respond? John Murray Brown discusses the issue with Shawn Donnan, the FT’s world trade editor, and Stefan Wagstyl, Berlin bureau chief. Music by David Sappa. Picture credit: Bloomberg


The unexplained death of Kim Jong Nam, a member of North Korea’s ruling family, in Kuala Lumpur has caused a diplomatic rupture between Malaysia and North Korea. James Kynge asks Bryan Harris, FT correspondent in Seoul, what we know about the apparent murder and its likely repercussions.