Hard Currency

Adam Cole of RBC Capital Markets tells Katie Martin why the euro and dollar still pounce on well-known signs of contrasting US and European monetary policy.


Peter Kinsella of Commerzbank tells Roger Blitz why the rally in emerging market currencies will be short-lived but why there won’t be a full-scale resumption in FX declines


As Mario Draghi continues to talk down the euro, Roger Blitz discusses with Derek Halpenny of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ the ECB’s president’s options for further monetary easing, and what the dollar’s strength means for the yen and emerging market currencies.


Roger Blitz asks Kit Juckes of Societe Generale what he makes of Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s increasingly optimistic words on a December rate hike, and how they contrast with the surprising dovishness of Bank of England governor Mark Carney.


Just how hawkish is Janet Yellen really feeling after this week’s US Federal Reserve meeting raised the prospect of a festive-season rate rise? Michael Hunter talks to Steven Saywell of BNP Paribas on what the Fed really means and what it means for other central banks.


How wobbly is the Chinese economy and what impact will this have on its trading partners. Are we in for a sustained period of market instability? Roger Blitz discusses these and other currency market questions with Simon Derrick of BNY Mellon


Roger Blitz asks Dominic Bunning of HSBC what’s behind the recent sprightliness of some emerging market currencies. Can the new-found optimism last, or is it a short-term reversal?


What influence is the Federal Reserve’s rate hike caution having on its transatlantic partner? Roger Blitz talks to Ian Stannard of Morgan Stanley about Britain’s inflation problem, the drawbacks in the UK economy and the impact of sterling fluctuation on Bank of England monetary policy.


In a week dominated by Brazil, Russia, India and China, Roger Blitz and Ilan Solot of Brown Brothers Harriman discuss why the Bric countries continue to show why they are important to the currency market despite the growing gulf in the fortunes of this once-vaunted group.


Roger Blitz talks to Marvin Barth of Barclays about market turbulence, the impact of slowing growth in China, the spread of “Dutch disease” and the trend for central banks to opt for negative interest rates