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Expensive ‘holistic’ leadership programmes do not solve anything, says Lucy Kellaway


Puffed-up nonsense has been deemed worthy of academic study, says Lucy Kellaway.


Everyone will tell you they are too busy to talk — but it is not true, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic


Like most humans, I am not naturally drawn to small print, says Lucy Kellaway


Viral video of domestic mishap shows the artificiality of the professional self, says Lucy Kellaway


Unlike Angela Ahrendts, I am not ‘on 24/7’, say Lucy Kellaway.


The Sage of Omaha tells old and unfunny jokes without recrimination, says Lucy Kellaway. Picture credit: Chris Tosic


A disrupter of habit, it stops the living in their tracks, says Lucy Kellaway


Telling others what you did before can be a sign of mediocrity, says Lucy Kellaway. Illustration by Chris Tosic


What people wear to work at investment banks, management consultancies and top law firms is ridiculous. Individualism is to be avoided at all costs, says Lucy Kellaway.