Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the Italian bank bail-outs, the warning from China’s banking regulator and the latest capital demands from the UK central bank. Italy appears to have dodged new rules to protect taxpayers from bank bailouts. We talk to James Chappell, analyst at Berenberg, about the ramifications.

China’s regulator has signalled concerns about Chinese banks’ exposures to the country’s big acquisitive conglomerates? We talk to China correspondent Gabriel Wildau about how worried should be.

And finally, how will UK banks respond to the Bank of England’s new demands for ‘counter-cyclical capital buffers’. Banking editor Martin Arnold offers his view.


The EU has acted tough on the tech group for breaching competition rules but the decision is not an indication of a European crusade against US technology companies, the FT’s Rochelle Toplensky tells Jyotsna Singh


India’s most ambitious tax reform since its independence from Britain – the new goods and services tax that takes effect on July 1 – may cause havoc in the short term, the FT’s Kiran Stacey tells Victor Mallet.


To celebrate the FT’s Business Book of the Year Award, our star columnists recommend six top reads to bring solace and advice in turbulent times. In the sixth episode of our second series, Martin Wolf, the FT’s chief economics commentator, joins Helen Barrett and Andrew Hill to discuss ‘Between Debt and the Devil’ by Adair Turner


Siona Jenkins discusses the impact of Brexit on the National Health Service with the FT’s James Blitz and Sarah Neville. Will there be more money? How will it affect staffing, the cost of drugs and medical research?


As rival forces scramble to recapture Isis territory in Syria and Iraq, the likelihood of international confrontation escalates. Gideon Rachman discusses the growing tensions in the region with the FT’s Middle east commentator David Gardner and Geoff Dyer, former Washington correspondent


Following a highly decisive campaign, the people of Britain cast a historic vote to leave the EU in June last year. The FT’s Zosia Wasik has been gauging the mood on Brexit a year on.


To buy or build the next boss? The changes of regime at General Electric and Uber highlight the shifts we are seeing in how companies choose their senior executives, says Andrew Hill. GE has always meticulously groomed its leaders in house and had John Flannery primed ready to take over when Jeff Immelt stood down. But that model is becoming rare


Economist Michael Mandel joins Cardiff Garcia to talk about the research that he and co-author Bret Swanson have published on “the coming productivity boom” — an optimistic case for productivity growth based on the application of information technology in physical industries such as manufacturing and healthcare.


The Bank of England split highlights how central banks are preparing to end years of easing and shift to monetary tightening. But how fast will the change come and how will the pound and other currencies respond? Commerzbank’s senior economist Peter Dixon discusses the moves with Roger Blitz, and looks at how the causes of inflation and the way it is measured are also under review.