The Bank of England has kicked UK rate rises into the long grass, but short term, sterling is holding relatively firm anyway. Kamal Sharma of Bank of America Merrill Lynch tells Katie Martin why.


Mike Hobart explores the history of Chic’s “Good Times”, a last-gasp salute to disco inspired by the Great Depression and Harlem Renaissance. Credit: Atlantic Records, Sanctuary, Castle


Peking University professor Michael Pettis visits the FT to discuss the role that debt plays in the rebalancing of the Chinese economy. Then, Trump’s bombastic stump speeches and interviews have been a ratings boon for US media. Global media editor Matt Garrahan joins hosts Shannon Bond and Cardiff Garcia to explain how the ‘Trump Effect’ has impacted conservative talk radio and television shows. Go to for show notes and links. Music by Yeyey and Minden. Clips courtesy of The Laura Ingraham Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Murad Ahmed, European technology correspondent, and Duncan Robinson, Brussels correspondent, discuss the EU’s new deal with the US on transferring data across the Atlantic.


The Donald’s campaign to win the Republican nomination for president has won support from conservative media. But for some in the GOP what is good for broadcasters is bad for the party, says Matthew Garrahan


David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, announced the details of Britain’s draft deal to renegotiate its relationship with the EU – but where does that leave the debate? Gideon Rachman discusses with George Parker, UK political editor and Alex Barker, Brussels Correspondent


The lowering of the lifetime pension savings allowance.
Should people near retirement continue building pension pots?
Investment fund managers buying ‘valueless’ research: how this hits your pension.


Space mining is about to leap from the pages of science fiction to commercial reality. The Luxembourg government is launching an initiative with European and US partners to create a new space industry that will exploit asteriods for metals and other materials. Peggy Hollinger asks Clive Cookson, FT science editor, how they plan to do it.

Music by David Sappa


Short termism in investment is in the news because of recent comments by legendary investor Warren Buffet and others. Patrick Jenkins, FT financial editor, talks to Jessica Ground of the fund manager Schroders, about a UK initiative to reinvent bank culture to encourage longer-term lending.


Patrick Jenkins discusses the culture of banks and what UBS’s quarterly results say about volatility in the banking system with Laura Noonan and Jessica Ground of Schroders, and Ben McLannahan talks to Jared Hecht, head of the New York-based online lending platform Fundera.