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Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Lower Manhattan headquarters of Goldman Sachs, the investment bank, following a series of appointments of Goldman-linked people to top jobs in the Trump administration. Ben McLannahan reports.


The tie-up, one of Europe’s biggest cross-border mergers, will create a global leader in the fast-growing eyewear industry. John Murray-Brown discusses the merger with the FT’s Rachel Sanderson, Michael Stothard and Jonathan Guthrie.


Theresa May mixed firm declarations of intent with a conciliatory tone towards the European Union in her statement on Britain’s objectives before formal negotiations to leave the bloc begin. Barney Thompson talks to Jim Pickard, the FT’s chief political correspondent, about what we learnt.


William Hague, former UK foreign secretary, has become the latest prominent figure to join the payroll of a big American bank in the run-up to Brexit. Patrick Jenkins talks to the FT’s investment correspondent Laura Noonan about the move.
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A new report has suggested the UK should embrace the power of the sea and invest in a novel form of electricity generation – the tidal lagoon. Pilita Clark discusses the merits of the idea with the FT’s Nathalie Thomas, Jonathan Ford, Jonathan Guthrie


This week has seen a deluge of retail results in the UK, showing a mixed picture of the state of consumer sentiment in wake of vote to leave the European Union. Sharlene Goff asks Mark Vandevelde, the FT’s retail correspondent, who were the main winners and losers.


India’s foreign minister this week threatened to expel all of Amazon’s foreign employees over a doormat imprinted with the Indian flag that was on sale on its website. Josh Noble asks the FT’s Kiran Stacey why the item caused such offense.


A rush of high profile winter signings has prompted the authorities in China to intervene to curb spending on foreign players. Josh Noble asks the FT’s Tom Hancock and Murad Ahmed what’s behind the spending splurge and what impact it is likely to have on China’s World Cup hopes.


Egypt recently clinched a deal with the IMF for a $ 12bn loan over three years. But it has had to implement painful measures which include floating the currency and reducing subsidies. The FT’s Heba Saleh talks to Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s minister of international co-operation, about the government’s latest efforts to restore the economy.


Mark Zuckerberg plans to tour the US following Donald Trump’s election as president. The Facebook founder said, “we are at a turning point in history” and spoke of the need to “find a way to change the game so that it works for everyone”. Chris Nuttall discusses the reasons for the tour and how other tech leaders are reacting to the Trump victory with Hannah Kuchler, the FT’s San Francisco correspondent.