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The rise of encryption technology poses an increasing challenge for counter-terrorism agencies fighting Isis. Ravi Mattu asks Sam Jones, FT defence and security editor, why intelligence chiefs are so worried.


The cost of large high-powered batteries is falling, offering the prospect that large scale storage could transform industry. Matthew Vincent asks Clive Cookson, FT science editor, and Andy Sharman, FT motor industry correspondent, how far off this is.


US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met this weekend alongside the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey to discuss political and military action against Isis in Syria. How might easing tensions between the two leaders affect the US presidential election? The FT’s US political correspondent Courtney Weaver explains.

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Paris is reeling from one of the worst terrorist attacks in Europe’s history. An all-out assault on the heart of the city by a group of young men armed with Kalashnikovs and suicide vests. Simon Kuper, an FT writer who lives in the city, was witness to the attacks at close hand. He describes how the events unfolded and how the city has reacted.


Microsoft has thrown down a challenge to the rest of the US tech industry unveiling a partnership with Deutsche Telekom that it says will protect the data of its cloud computing customers from US surveillance. Ravi Mattu discusses the development with Murad Ahmed and Richard Waters.

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Early poll results put Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy on course to form Myanmar’s first democratically elected government in fifty years. Fiona Symon talks to Michael Peel in Yangon about what happens next.


Las Vegas has become one of the hot spots in the US solar power boom, creating tensions with local utilities. Ed Crooks, US industry and energy editor, reports.


In the final episode of this series, Henry Mance looks at Angus Deaton’s views on foreign aid, how US politics is influencing the debate on climate change and the Keystone pipeline. He also talks to FT leader writer James Blitz about UK plans for more internet surveillance.


US group Activision Blizzard is paying $5.9bn for the creator of Candy Crush Saga, in the gaming industry’s biggest deal since Microsoft bought Minecraft last year. Robert Cookson talks to Tim Bradshaw, the FT’s technology correspondent in San Francisco, about the deal.

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The machinations behind a request from TransCanada for the Obama administration to suspend its review of the Keystone XL pipeline permit application are explained by the FT’s US industry and energy editor, Ed Crooks.

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