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Murad Ahmed, European technology correspondent, and Duncan Robinson, Brussels correspondent, discuss the EU’s new deal with the US on transferring data across the Atlantic.


Space mining is about to leap from the pages of science fiction to commercial reality. The Luxembourg government is launching an initiative with European and US partners to create a new space industry that will exploit asteriods for metals and other materials. Peggy Hollinger asks Clive Cookson, FT science editor, how they plan to do it.

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Short termism in investment is in the news because of recent comments by legendary investor Warren Buffet and others. Patrick Jenkins, FT financial editor, talks to Jessica Ground of the fund manager Schroders, about a UK initiative to reinvent bank culture to encourage longer-term lending.


Google is paying £130m in back tax to the UK and Apple could soon be instructed to pay billions. FT columnist John Gapper talks to Murad Ahmed, European technology correspondent, about where it could all lead.


Zika, a mosquito-born virus, is the latest organism seemingly to have come out of nowhere and gone rogue. Andrew Ward discusses the origins of the outbreak and how worried we should be with Clive Cookson, FT science editor.

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In another multibillion-dollar deal, a US company has acquired a smaller European company in order to reduce its tax base. The so-called tax inversion deal has become one of the most prominent types of transaction in the recent M&A boom. The FT’s Sujeet Indap is joined by M&A correspondent James Fontanella-Khan and policy correspondent Barney Jopson to discuss the growing US M&A trend, some of the biggest inversion deals and the potential for a policy crackdown under a new administration in 2017. Music by Red Thread.


France’s Insead has overtaken Harvard to lead the FT’s MBA business school rankings for the first time. Jonathan Moules discusses the findings with FT statistician Laurent Ortmans.


Living in a state of emergency over the water supply, a resident of Flint in the state of Michigan talks about the daily routine when living with poisoned water. The FT’s Lindsay Whipp travelled to the city to speak to those struggling to get clean water and answers from the state government in the midst of a crisis after high levels of lead and other metals have leached from their pipes. Music by The Red Thread.


The lifting of UN sanctions on Iran reconnects a potentially vibrant emerging economy to world markets. Siona Jenkins asks Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Tehran correspondent, Martin Arnold, banking editor, and Anjli Raval, oil correspondent, how soon the country is likely to see results.


Why do hackers do what they do? Understanding what motivates cyber criminals could be the first step in protecting yourself from attack. Reformed hacker Cal Leeming shares his insights with the FT’s Maija Palmer