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The longer I suffer the commute, the more likely I will stop asking if it is mad to cycle, says Lucy Kellaway.


Typing and using the mouse are so hard that I’ve had to pick a task and stick to it, says Lucy Kellaway


Graduates are up against the widest gap between expectation and reality ever seen in the professions


Hillary Clinton’s summary teaches two lessons in how not to do it: no jokes and stick to the point, says Lucy Kellaway


Predictability is boring and unglamorous in a world that reveres creativity and disruption, says Lucy Kellaway


A company wanting to show it values women at work uses images where they are not always gorgeous, says Lucy Kellaway.


Whether it be silence or brevity, the medium is perfect for communicating quiet hostility, says Lucy Kellaway.


What the banker was trying to tell demoralised junior colleagues is that careers are a long game, says Lucy Kellaway


Trick-playing Schwab CEO was spot on in one thing at least — inviting job candidates to a restaurant, says Lucy Kellaway.


Companies wanting a higher purpose should simply produce things and jobs that people want