Listen to Lucy

One problem of getting older is that your self-knowledge goes up but so does your complacency, says Lucy Kellaway


The Yahoo chief’s move to make staff vow to stay is smart, just like ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress-up idea for management, says Lucy Kellaway.


When executives fall for an employee and overpromote them, they ensure disaster, says Lucy Kellaway.


Jes Staley’s email to underlings starts well but fails on its use of the ‘v-word’, says Lucy Kellaway


When you have lost some financial security, every pay cheque becomes a cause of celebration, says Lucy Kellaway.


It is disingenuous to refer to staff with the term because most people are merely average, says Lucy Kellaway.


We need to go to the office to convince ourselves that what we do has some purpose, says Lucy Kellaway.


Seventeen of Britain’s 100 best companies get along fine without listing corporate traits, says Lucy Kellaway.


“UBS head should make clear that all can take risks but none may make light of mistakes,” says Lucy Kellaway.


On the one thing that customers would have liked to hear about, the new CEO’s letter is silent, says Lucy Kellaway.